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Lauren J Ritchie

Fairy Wren Blue feather headpiece

Fairy Wren Blue feather headpiece

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This piece is titled Fairy Wren. It is inspired by the stunning vibrant blue feathers of the Fairywren, which makes them stand out against the world around them.  The radiant colour tones of the small but strong member of the Maluridae family make them unlike other birds of their size. The vivid feathers provide a sense of confidence and courage, fitting of the ‘Boldly Different’ theme of the exhibition. 

Using a complex wire base, the flowing shape is suspended above the head with ease. Each delicate feather shape is constructed with a considered layering of materials and formed by hand.  The feathers are attached individually to the wire base, creating an undulating shape, sweeping through the sky above.

The gradient feather shapes transition from white at the back, moving over the shoulder to a beautiful mid-blue tone across the head and glittering navy feature at the front. The combination and variation of colours create movement which emulates the Fairywren flying through the surrounding landscape.  

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