Hat Sizes, Wear and Care Hat

Hat Sizes

The fit of a piece depends on the style. Some pieces may have a specific headfit size. If purchasing from existing stock, the size will be specified on the product. It might be possible to customise an existing headfit for you. Please contact the team if you wish to inquire about this process.  

If you are unable to attend the studio for a consultation the team might ask you for your headsize.  This can be done using a dressmakers measuring tape.  Wrap the tape around the head, 2.5cm (1 inch) above the top of the ear, at the widest part of the head.  

The way the headpiece or hat secures to the head is advised in each product description. Attachment options can vary and include a hat elastic that is worn behind the head, headband or comb depending on the style of the piece.  


The position of a piece is important to make sure it looks its best and is comfortable to wear.  Please use the images on the website as a reference or if you are unsure, please ask one of our team to assist you.  

Hat Care

Millinery and headwear can be delicate and requires to be handled with care.  

Keep the box and packaging your piece arrives in. This is a sturdy box packed with acid free tissue paper.  Keep the box in a cool and dry location away from sunlight.

Keep your hat or headpiece dry, it is advised to avoid wearing your hat in the rain or getting it wet as it may distort the shape. Depending on the level of damage, the piece might be able to be restored but its original condition cannot be guaranteed. Each fix will need to be assessed and cost estimate provided for the repair. 

Avoid leaving headwear in hot cars or near high temperatures. Delicate materials are used on the headwear and extreme heat may distort the shape.