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Lauren J Ritchie

Caesia Cobolt Blue Hat

Caesia Cobolt Blue Hat

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Caesia was inspired by the blue tones of the Gum Trees and the sharp points of the leaves.  The sound of the bush, the iconic cockatoos and kookaburras were the backdrop to this creation.   My Taminick Spring Collection was influenced by the surrounds of North East Victoria where I have been fortunate to be able to spend most of this year.   I wanted this piece to feel like an extension of this work and at the same time push the boundaries of a traditional piece. 

The piece is formed from a wire base that is then covered in tulle which is finished by hand to ensure a neat finish on the top edge.  The sharp corners are cut once on the piece and the gradient edge forming a soft line to the geometric shape.  

Credits for Photoshoot

Millinery by Lauren J Ritchie Millinery
Photography by Ben Christie Media
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