Are you interesting in collaborating with Lauren J Ritchie Millinery? Let us share more about our approach to this. 

The conditions of the loan 
• The products will be provided in suitable packaging
• Products should be returned in the same packaging as provided with return cost covered by the loanee
• Products will be presented with protective tape or ribbon where possible to protect them from makeup and wear for loan purposes
• The product may not be altered without written proposal and consent
• The loan must be returned within 5 working days from use in person or tracked shipping lodged and tracking information provided to 
• Any unreasonable damage caused during the loan period discussed with loanee. Costs to repair the damage may be payable.

In exchange a minimum of the following must be provided
- post that includes a tag and credit in the caption on a social media post which Lauren J Ritchie Millinery may reshare at their discretion 
- one tagged story on Instagram which Lauren J Ritchie Millinery may reshare at their discretion 
- tagging in any posts after the event that feature the piece
- a series of photos suitable for publication provided to Lauren J Ritchie Millinery with outfit details to create a short blog post which will be published at the desrection of the team. 

Any changes to existing pieces are charged at $95 per hour for the piece to undergo the requested changes and the piece returned to the original design. Repairs for damage are also charged at this rate. 

The costs of returning the piece are that of the renter/loanee.

Send proposal

If you would like to collaboration please send your proposal to with
- an outline of the event
- your reach
- budget
- other collaborator engaged or intending to be engaged. 

Why is this all important?
Sharing pieces through press collaborations is an exciting thing for everyone involved and is important to this business. Please keep in mind that this is a small business run by a
 sole trader who hand-makes all of the pieces in a local Melbourne studio.  There are not multiples of stock and staff to manage this process.  Each piece is a one-off.  While they are on loan they are unable to be made available. Respect of each others time and diligence in this process is greatly appreciated. 

I look foward to hearing from you!