Workroom Technique in Issue 99 of The Hat Magazine

I was delighted when the Editor-in-Chief of The Hat Magazine Elly Stemerdink invited me to share a technique in the legendary Workroom Technique series in the magazine.  I am a regular contributor to the publication but for event report and other articles so this was something new and exciting to be involved with. 

It took me some time to decide which technique to share as I reflected on past ideas that have been shared by leaders in the field including Ian Bennet, Catherine Kelly, Irene van Vugt, Marianne Jongkind and Bridget Bailey.  Each have shared such a range of techniques from trimmings to construction whole hats. 

I wanted to share a modern technique, meaning it used different materials to what you would not expect in millinery and it was something that I had developed myself.  It was important to me for this project to showcase my design skills and show innovation in the millinery industry. 

I chose to share my Floating Tulle Feathers.  Feathers are a beautiful shape and have appeared in millinery throughout the centuries.  This technique uses a feather shape with modern tulle fabric technique to create a form that floats in the air.  This is a great alternative for bird feathers and this technique can be applied to other shapes and trims. 

Lauren J Ritchie Millinery Issue 99 The Hat Magazine Workroom Technique

The photos were caputed by James Christie Media in my studio in the Manchester Unity Building.  James methodically took a photo of each step of the technique as I worked through creating the trim and demonstrated how to attached it to a blocked straw base. 

You can purchase a print copy of the magazine here or if you would like to view it in online you can find it here. I cannot wait to see how you transform this technique to be your own! 

The Hat Magazine Issue 99  

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