Custom Bridal Veil or Wedding Headpiece

Are you thinking about a custom veil or headpiece for your wedding?  Did you know that I can create you a custom headpiece or veil for you in my Melbourne studio?   I have put together some frequently asked questions about getting a custom made piece created, I hope this is helpful and if you have any other questions please do not hesitate to send me a message

What does it mean to get a custom made headpiece or veil? 

A custom made veil or headpiece is when you would like a pieces made that is not already on my website and I can make it for you. We can mix and match styles, trims and colours. 

You might like a style, such as the Let's Stay Together Flat Bow but you would like some pearl trim to tie together with your other accessories, or made in blue to be at touch a blue. 

Or you are after something completely unique that I design just for you inspired by your outfit! 

Make an appointment to chat about a custom made piece. 

Can I get a fully custom veil or wedding headpiece?

Absolutely!  I can design you a custom veil or special headpiece for your wedding.  Send me your inspiration and vision and we can begin from there. 

How does it work?

The best way to start a custom order is to make a time to come into the studio or chat online.  The first things I will ask you are

  • When is your wedding day?
  • What are you planning to wear? Including a link to the outfit or a photo is really helpful.
  • What are the themes and motifs of the wedding?
  • Which style on the website has caught your eye

From there, if you are in the studio we will try some pieces on to find out which shapes you like wearing.  We will explore my material collection to see what materials I have that match your outfit and will make a lovely piece in the style you like.  

Lauren in the studio

What do I need to do?

Make a time to chat to me, find a time here.  If the design is simple such as a different colour it could be done over email, but can be so much nicer to have a quick chat.  

Once we have a time send me some details about your outfit so I can put together some suggestions and materials and then we can go from there. 

How long does it take?

The timeline does depend on the complexity of the design.  If I already have the materials on hand this does also make the timeline a bit shorter.  It is best to leave at least 6 weeks for a custom design. 

How much does it cost?

The prices of my other collections give you an idea of the cost of a piece, see the latest wedding pieces here.  If it is the same style just in a different colours, say the Ash headband with knotted trim but in ivory, the price would be the same.  I will confirm the cost with you when you order and outline any additional costs.  

What about a deposit? 

You may be asked to pay a deposit for the order, this covers the initial consultation and sourcing of materials.  You can choose to pay the whole amount up front, this is up to you.  Just let me know your preference.  Pieces will not be delivered until it is paid in full. 

Do you make pieces for the other members of the bridal party?

Yes I can create pieces braidsmaids, maid of honour, groomsmen, best men, paige boy and flower girls, you name it a hat or headpiece can be create to suit the style of your wedding day. 

Do you make hats for mother of the bride and groom?  

I make a wide range of pieces and can work with you and your mum to create a hat or headpiece she will love wearing on your wedding day.  This can be imporant day for so may members of the family with lots of warm hugs and kisses to keep in mind when finding a headpiece.  I can provide a consulation for this piece or selection from a range of pieces online

How do I get started?

Get in contact with me, I would love to hear from you and I can answer any of your questions about a custom made veil or headpiece for your wedding day.  I would love to make you a piece!

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