Dutch Hat Competition 2024 Calla Bloom

I quite enjoy entering a competition, it provides a unique challenge of responding to a theme and working to timeline to explore the creative options.  For the Dutch Hat Association Competition hosted by Nederlandse Hoeden Vereniging theme for this year was Seize The Day. Each entrant was provided a prompt of a flower and asked to create a piece inspired by it. 


The flower I was given was the Lily and I spent much time exploring the shapes and theme of the lily.  After much research I came across the Calla Lily.  It inspired me for this piece with its beautiful sweeping lines that open up and appear to unwind as the flower comes into bloom seizing its position providing beauty in the world. 

I created the piece all in one with a beautiful parisial straw and wanted to create the smooth edges of the flower whcih I formed through a doubled rolled edge and the pointed tip snuggled into the cheek of the wearer. 

This piece will be on display at Castle Gardens Arcen in The Netherlands until Tuesday 11 June but is available for purchase here and will be shipped on its return from the exhibition. 

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